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Title:  Method for improving delivery of tyrosine supplementation

United States Patent:  6,294,579

Inventors:  Carnazzo; Joseph W. (P.O. Box 150, Boys Town, NE 68010)

Appl. No.:  415808

Filed:  October 11, 1999


The base compound for practicing the present invention is L-tyrosine effervescent powder, granules or tablet. Soluble effervescent powders, granules and tablets are prepared by blending and/or compression and contain, in addition to active ingredients mixtures of acids (citric acid, tartaric acid) and sodium bicarbonate, which release carbon dioxide when dissolved in water. They are intended to be dissolved or dispersed in water before administration. Effervescent powders, granules and tablets should be stored in tightly closed containers or moisture-proof packs, labeled to indicate that they are not to be swallowed directly.


The inventor has discovered that tyrosine may be uniformly and accurately dispensed when completely dissolved and dispersed in liquid. More specifically, the tyrosine has been created in the form of an effervescent in tablet or particulate form which increases the pH of water to thereby increase the solubility of the tyrosine in the liquid.

L-tyrosine and N-acetyl tyrosine, as used in the prior art, do not readily dissolve in water or other neutral pH liquids. The combination of tyrosine and other chemicals to create an effervescent which, when combined with a proper measure of water, creates a liquid having an alkaline pH, making the tyrosine much more soluble in the liquid. The increase in solubility allows for more uniform absorption of the tyrosine after ingestion.

In addition, because the tyrosine is packaged in either tablet or premeasured particulate form, a precise amount of the compound is ingested. The prior art bulk powder form required the consumer to measure the proper amount of the product and dissolve the product in water. The precision of such measurement is uncertain. Furthermore, because prior art formulations of tyrosine required dissolution of tyrosine in a neutral pH liquid, non-uniform amounts of the tyrosine supplements are commonly undissolved and subsequently not ingested by the consumer. The result is non-uniform dosages and ingestion at non-uniform rates.

The use of a pre-measured effervescent assures complete dissolution and dispersal of the tyrosine and uniform rates of ingestion of the same. These goals are achieved by virtue of increasing the pH of the liquid and the agitation provided by the effervescence of the compound. The soluble effervescent will contain a mixture of acids, bicarbonates, and other agents which release carbon dioxide when dissolved in water.

The chemical formula for tyrosine is C9 H11 NO3, and has a molecular weight of 181.19. Tyrosine is a dietary amino acid. In addition to its value as an energy substrate and in protein synthesis, it is a precursor to numerous biogenic amines and neurotransmitters.

Previously, tyrosine's use has been limited by its relative insolubility in water and susceptibility to stomach acid destruction. The use of effervescent technology, therefore, is employed to alter the pH of the water, giving tyrosine greater solubility in water and buffering stomach acid to limit tyrosine destruction.

The method of the present invention relies upon the combination of tyrosine with an effervescent to create an alkaline solution which is ingested by the consumer. The effervescent raises the pH to form an alkaline solution, whereby the tyrosine will uniformly dissolve and completely disperse in solution. In its preferred form, the invention includes a soluble effervescent containing tyrosine, at least one acid, and at least one bicarbonate for releasing carbon dioxide when dissolved in a neutral pH liquid, such as water. In the most preferred form of the invention, L-tyrosine or N-acetyl tyrosine is the type of tyrosine that is utilized.

The effervescent ingredients preferably utilize a mixture of acids, including citric acid and tartaric acid. Sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate may be utilized for the release of carbon dioxide. In addition, starch, flavoring agents, and lubricants for tablet compression are also utilized in the effervescent tablet. While the effervescent is preferably in the form of a tablet, it may also be utilized in a particulate form. The effervescent must be stored in a sealed container or other moisture-proof package, since water or other liquids will activate the effervescent. This also allows for a method of premeasuring the tyrosine dosage.

The effervescents are not to be swallowed directly, since they release carbon dioxide as they dissolve. Thus, the initial step in the method of the invention is to open the moisture-proof package containing the effervescent and dispense it into a container of water or other pH neutral liquid. Once the effervescent tyrosine has been dissolved and dispersed, the solution should be ingested immediately.

Claim 1 of 19 Claims

I claim:

1. A method of promoting delivery of tyrosine supplementation into a human body, comprising the steps of:

dispensing a combination of an effervescent and a predetermined amount of tyrosine into a neutral pH liquid;

dissolving the combination substantially in the liquid; and

a human ingesting the liquid.

If you want to learn more about this patent, please go directly to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Web site to access the full patent.



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